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a french delicacy


The Canelé de Bordeaux is distinguished by its perfectly identified cylindrical shape and the thin caramelized rind which gives it such a flavour. The french delicacy comes with an interesting history. The first recipe was developed in the 18th century by the nuns of the Annonciades convent. Baked in copper mold, this small pastry is the most famous culinary speciality of Bordeaux brought to you

and is a must to try at Artisan Coffee!

Every time you indulge a canelé is definitely love at first bite!

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Copper molds are used to give the cylindrical unique shape

Traditionally, they are prepared in copper molds coated with beeswax. Copper molds absorb and conducts heat better. Our team ensure to make the best canelés of the island thanks to our authentic copper molds used to bake these french delicacies. 

To recognize a good canelé, important factors are considered, the colour must be dark, the shape must be well respected and the smell must highlight that of vanilla, essential ingredients of its recipe. Canelés at Artisan Coffee do not contain rum in order to satisfy all our clientèle.

To prepare them, take egg yolks, flour and vanilla, all ingredients that were historically found in Bordeaux thanks to its great commercial and maritime tradition.

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