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Exciting job openings in your favourite coffee shop!
We are looking for engaging sparkling people to join our team!
If you are passionate about coffee and pastries, view the job openings along with their descriptions.



Main duties

•    Supervise the smooth running of the pastry department in terms of       

     ordering, production, staff planning.

•    Participate actively in product development that meet quality standards.

•    Frequently review finished products for quality and presentation before orders are sent to coffee shops.

•    Follow preservation standard and sanitation for the proper handling of all  food product at right temperature.

•    Ensure food safety standard are respected.

•    Work out on a proper stock management system to have a better control over the stock of ingredients and finished products.

•    Monitors the good functioning of equipment of kitchen and ensure preventive maintenance and servicing do on a regular basis.

•    Daily feedback collection and reporting issues when arises.

•    Identify training needs for new and existing staffs of the department.


Qualifications and Experience

•    Minimum SC

•    NC4 in Pastry Production

•    Minimum 5 years’ experience in food and beverages in the retail/hotel industry.


Skills and Requirements

•    Motivated and dynamic person

•    Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

•    Good communication and interpersonal skills

•    Able to lead a team with proper organizational skills


Main duties

  • Participate in preliminary preparation by following recipes of products

  • Prepare Sandwich / Panini / Salad & Juice etc

  • Follow production planning given by chef de parti

  • Proper use of equipment available

  • Coordinate with team to minimize wastage

  • Follow Artisan Standards Food Safety, Quality, Health & Safety

  • Assist in the day to day running of the kitchen department

Qualifications and Experience
•    Minimum SC
•    Certificate in Pastry
•    Valid Food Handlers’ Certificate
•    Basic technical skills in pastry
•    At least 1
-year proven experience in related fields

Skills and Requirements
•    Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork ability
•    Good communication skills
•    Available to work different shift hours




  •  Welcome customers, answering questions, and accepting orders, payments

  • Prepare foods such as sandwiches / panini and baked pastries

  • Make and serve various type of coffee, other beverages as required by customers

  • Adhere to recipes and presentations for food and beverage items

  • Adhere to food safety

  • Maintain a clean workplace

  • Maintain inventories and replenishment of products as and when required


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum Form 4

  • Previous work experience as a Barista, Waiter/Waitress and Bartender

  • Experience in the preparation of food and beverages

  •  *Candidates with no experience will be considered as well


Skills and Requirement:

  • Comfortable in serving during peak hours

  • Available to work different shift hours

  • Committed to customer satisfaction

  • Good communication and presentation skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and teamwork ability

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Main Responsibilities:

  • Clean all food crates and trays.

  • Keep storeroom clean.

  • Keep cold room tidy.

  • Cleaning of delivery and preparation areas.

  • Help for Mis en Place for Kitchen & Pastry

  • Form3/4

  • Understand English and French

  • Physically fit


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